August’16 The beginning

marbleoak – sharing interior design greatness.

I finally managed to start my own blog. Since several years I am following the lives of ViviannaDoesMakeup, Lili Pepples, Estée Lalonde and the rest of the crew. Unfortunately my make up skills are not worth sharing and my baking could use some improvement as well.

Especially since my boyfriend and I moved together and settle down in a new city  I really enjoy to build our first real home. Of course not studying anymore and earning some money makes buying new furniture and decorative pieces a lot easier. Even though I already feel comfortable in our flat there are some parts which definitely require some attention.


Since January we are living in Frankfurt. The city offers a tremendous amount of opportunities for interior design lovers: flea markets, scandinavian design stores, art museums, German Museum of Architecture, the list continues…The combination of modern architecture (we have a real skyline!) and old properties make every sunday stroll a highlight.

I am definitely not a Professional Interior Stylist. I would rather say that I enjoy spending time with little home projects and sharing my ideas with people who have similar interests. My plan is to write as often as possible without putting to much pressure on me through sticking to a fixed schedule. I will share everything that I consider worth sharing independent on weekday and independent on whether I have planned to include a specific topic on my writing list – it’s all about flexibility and evolvemet.

I hope this doesn’t keep you away from joining me on my journey to the perfect home.

See you again on marbleoak 


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