The classics: The Hoptimist.

I have a long list of design classics on my wish list: Vitra Eames chairs, Kay Bojesens Monkeys, Louis Poulsen Pendant Light, String Pocket Shelving,….

Unfortunately most of these items are not on the affordable end of the furniture/decor spectrum. Therefore I slowly start to bring some design classics into my flat.

The last time I moved for a job my mum send me my first Hoptimist. I have been talking about buying a Hoptimist for a long long time…and my mum (who is one of the best gift buyers) luckily remembered. I got the copper plaited version of Bumble which is the one with the eyes open and the little pin on the top.

I truly adore this little guy which is not only a nice addition lookswise but also puts a smile on my face every time I look at it. That the Hoptimists are actually created to make people smile make them even more likeable. In the 1960s Hans Gustav Ehrenreich produced the first editions of the Hoptimists in Denmark where they are still build today.

In total there are four different types of Hoptimists:

Birdie, Bimble, Bumble and Kvak.

Bimble (the one I own) the boy, Bumble the girl, Birdies and Kvak the frog. I think the most common pair is Bimble and Bumble which are even available as bunny editions for Easter.

Not only the great variety of designs from powder and mint painted wood over metals to specials as vikings or christmas editions make them so great as collectables – it’s also the idealistic thinking of the Hoptimist-makers to bring positivity to the people.

“Most smiles start with another smile”. (

I would definitely sign the statement that Hoptimists make you smile whenever you look at them. Moreover you can say it’s a true design classic because you would never think about replacing the little guy.

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