The theme: Dark Green.

The leaves are turning brown and the days are getting shorter. It’s the beginning of my favourite time of year: Autumn. In autumn everything is slowing down a bit. Tea is suddenly tasting great again and you don’t feel bad for just staying on the coach and watching the newest Suits episodes.

But enough of the ByeBye-summer mood.

At the moment one thing is quite big in the shops and blogs: Dark Green. Combined with my all time favourite marble and hints of black this look is quite chic but still very modern and classic. The colour is perfect for the cold part of the year – it instantly adds cosines and comfort to your home.

You can go all out and paint your walls in a pine or moss coloured green tone. In the Schöner Wohnen wall paint range there is a very nice jade matt or glossy colour with which you cannot go wrong. Regardless of your furniture – wood, grey, white or black – the colour can be easily combined with everything. Especially dark furniture would add to the classy and sophisticated look. Hints of copper and gold could bring a modern touch to the ensemble.

In case you think a dark green wall is a tad too much you can add some dark green accessories to your shopping list:

Vases – as seen at

Towels for some emerald-green highlights in your bathroom – as seen at H&M home

Because you cannot have too much marble in your live:

Dark green marble coffee table – as seen at

Dark green marble boxes – as seen at

A classic dark green furniture item is the velvet coach which seems to be getting popular again. Not only is velvet extremely cosy it’s also one of the most luxurious looking fabrics. If you are not one of the lucky persons who can get their hands on an old green velvet piece during their sunday morning flea market hunts there are some interior design shops who have discovered velvet again.  For example Bolia, a Scandinavian shop, where you can build your own sofa recently introduced a new velvet series: The Velvet Collection by Bolia.

I assembled some of my favourites examples of the dark green look here:


As a positive side note: green is the colour of harmony and balance. One more point in favour of bringing some green in your flat.

Let’s see what will be the next theme to be explored on marbleoak!




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