The thing with IKEA. (MALSJÖ)

We all know Ikea. I would also assume that everyone owns something from Ikea.

When I started my first real job last year and finally moved to a nice flat in Frankfurt I told myself to avoid Ikea as much as possible. The problem is when you have heavily relied on Ikea for furniture, decoration and basically every item of tableware you quickly realize that Ikea is very very cheap!

In addition to the realization that modern, well-designed furniture costs a fortune it usually can not be taken home directly from the shop. I have never really appreciated this fact before, but indeed it’s extremely convenient to be able to take home your favoured item straight away.

My main issue with Ikea furniture is that as I mentioned before everyone knows it and therefore it’s nothing special. Every so often I think I am entering an Ikea showroom when it’s in fact someones flat.

Unfortunately it is not always possible to fully avoid Ikea and this is definitely not what I am aiming for. The PAX configuration, candles, napkins and plants cannot be beaten. During the last couple of months I was on the hunt for a new storage option for the dining/living room. I just couldn’t resist the MALSJÖ cabinet.

It fits perfectly to the black & white theme of my dining/living room which I am going for at the moment. Usually I don’t support see-through storage cabinets, because they tend to be a bit too chaotic for my liking. But I hope that I could make it work with only displaying glassware, vases, boxes and my boyfriends whiskey and gin selection.

MALSJÖ from Ikea (105 x 141 cm).

I am quite pleased with the outcome. What do you think?

Ikea US also presented a nice example of how to decorate the Malsjö cabinet:

Sometimes Ikea brings out great new collections as the Stockholm collection which are slightly different to their usual style. With the Malsjö cabinet I have the same feeling and hope that I  won’t see it in someones elses flat in the near future.

I am pretty sure that this won’t be my last Ikea purchase for this year…

Have a great day/evening!


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