Stijlmarkt: Design in Mainz.

In different cities in Germany a very cool design market is opening its doors. After my first visit a few years ago in Düsseldorf I went to the original market in Mainz where it all started. The concept of the Stijlmarkt is to offer non-mainstream, hand-selected products which you don’t find on the high-street. I like about it that new, upcoming designers and entrepreneurs have a platform to show their ideas and get the chance to get into contact with interested buyers.

Next to lovely jewelry, trendy fashion items and food goodies this market offers a lot for interior design lovers. A huge selection of prints & posters, decorations, lighting ideas and even furniture.

I would like to show you a selection of the most interesting interior design shops:

The Art of Robert Richter – I must admit I am a fan of the prints you can buy everywhere at the moment, but the art which was presented by Robert Richter really is stunning and not comparable to anything I have seen before. I haven’t bought one of the pieces at the market, but my plan is to order something online. He has a DaWanda shop and a very inspirational website in case you want to know more about his work.

Fain Wood – jewelry boxes – The extremely well-made wooden jewelry boxes presented by the czech company Fain Wood definitely need to be mentioned here. In case someone is looking for a great, out-of-the-box christmas present the jewelry boxes are worth to consider. Not only are they practical and well-designed it’s an innovative company who tries to combine modern design with natural material. For more details please check out their website.


PaperflapFormat – Zeit für Schönes –  Wolfgang Philippi

Kolorat – Wandfarben & Lacke  –  Pipeworks Design –   Kami


Something not interior related, but also worth to mention: Flaschenbrot. Organic great-tasting bread and cookie mixture which are the perfect gift for every occassion. I have tried out the chocolate + pumkin seed cookies and I can assure you that they are delicious!

In case you don’t have the chance to go to the market yourself, check out their online shop Some of the designers who offer their products on the markets can also be found there.

Upcoming events are listed on the website: or on Facebook:

I am pretty sure that I will be around the next time the Stijlmarkt is stopping close to Frankfurt.

Cheers, Fenja




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