Wall calendars – the Art replacement.

The year is coming to an end and it’s time to think about a wall planner for 2017. Even though everyone owns a Smartphone, iPad and/or Laptop it’s nice to have an overview of upcoming activities, birthdays and important events in paper format. Especially when you have a boyfriend, husband or family a calendar can serve as the perfect planning tool.

Since a few years the design of calendars and planners has changed and I always look at them as a perfect addition to my print and poster collection. I would like to show you the coolest versions I have found online which also might come in handy as a christmas present inspiration.

For Organizers


This year planner by BOB AND UNCLE was my choice for 2016. It comes with four different coloured stickers which you can devote to different type of activities (e.g. birthdays, trips). On every sticker you can mark your plan for the day.

Next to the black version below they also offer a white one.


Tyyp – simplistic & high-quality design from Berlin

Clean and simple design is the key idea of the paper goods made by Tyyp. I can already see the gold print hanging on my wall.

One nice feature is that you can hang it up either horizontally or vertically.


For Art-lovers

edition ij HIPSTORY calendar (via selekkt.com)

This calendar is for the real hipsters amongst us! It’s not really for planning purposes but rather a nice selection of prints which could definitely be used the upcoming years without the calendar section. Who wouldn’t like to have Merkel, Putin and Trump hanging on the kitchen wall?!



Junique – Art for the Man Cave

This is just one of several unique wall calendars sold on Junique. For each topic twelve beautiful prints were chosen.



Printable calenders by My Color Mood (via etsy.com/de)

For a couple of Euro you can print one of several monthly calendars made by My Color Mood. You can either frame them or use binder/foldback clips (found on Amazon).


I haven’t made my choice yet, but there might even be space for two calendars.

Please let me know in case you found other sources for creative calendars which might be worth to consider!



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