Bedroom wall painting: rose-violet

Being full of ideas for this year I decided that my first project would be to redecorate our bedroom. Since one year we are now living in the new flat and the bedroom didn’t get much attention decoration-wise.

In general I am in favour for leaving the walls white and clean and adding colour with decoration and furniture. It gives you a bit more flexibility. Nevertheless, I am a big fan of the rose colour theme which was quite big in 2016. So far I haven’t been able to convince my boyfriend to paint even only a small patch in our flat in some shade of rose. It’s just not masculine enough. Luckily I am the one in charge for the looks of our flat. Therefore I decided that enough discussion took place and it’s time for some rose paint on our bedroom walls.

I went for a matt rose-violet with grey undertones: No. 19 – Melodie der Anmut by Alpina.

We mainly have white furniture with some wooden and gold accessories in our bedroom and I think the colour goes very well with everything. In order to keep the light feeling in the room only 2/3 of the wall was painted and the upper part was kept white. Moreover we left a white frame around the coloured parts.

Bedroom - matt rose-violet with hints of gold
Bedroom – matt rose-violet with hints of gold
Bedroom - matt rose-violet with hints of gold
Bedroom – matt rose-violet with hints of gold

The desk lamps are made by a swedish brand called Mark Slöjd. I bought them a couple of months ago via Impressionen. They are probably not the best reading lamps, but their light makes a really nice atmosphere. The candle and two of the pillow cases are from H&M Home. I am very excited about the two prints which freshly came from Sweden. I ordered them together with the frames at

Bedroom - matt rose-violet with hints of gold
Bedroom – matt rose-violet

In order to keep him from running away little Oscar is sitting in this little glass bubble from Ikea. The print is again from Sweden, but this time from the Fotografiska museums shop. My sister and I made a trip to Stockholm some years ago and I couldn’t resist the black and white prints.

I think overall the rose-theme is not too girly but still very modern and clean. It adds a nice warmth to the room and I am very glad we went for the Alpina colour.

I hope you agree!



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